List of Supplier Categories for an Event (Wedding)

EVENT PLANNER On the day, Turnover or
Full Coordinatin
CHURCH VENUE Date and Time
RECEPTION VENUEBallroom, Number of guests
CATERERPlated, Buffet or Lauriat, Number of
PREPS VENUEMakeup and Family Pictorials are done
MAKEUP ARTISTBride, Mothers of the client, Maid of
honor etc
GROOM’S GROOMERThere are services now for the groom that focuses on shaving, haircut and even massage on the day
DESIGNER Groom, Bride and entourage
EVENT STYLIST Bouquet for everyone, Church setup & Reception Setup
CAKE Layers, style and edible layer
EMCEEDoes he/she need to be bilingual?
*able to speak Chinese or sing in
STRINGS / BAND Church and / or Reception
LED SCREEN AND LIVEFEEDEspecially for the guests
at the back
SOUNDS AND LIGHTS Important because they help create
mood, help the emcee and band’s
output of sound
EFFECTSConfetti poppers during dance or
fireworks before or after reception
SOUVENIRSCookies, plants or photobooth and
photoman pictures
BRIDAL CARCan be a family’s car or rental car

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